Testimonials !


We had our multifuel burner cleaned and sreviced by Clearsoot chimney sweep and since then it has run a lot more efficiently, we can see our wood supply going a little further than anticipated.

                                Thanks" Clearsoot"

  Mr and Mrs Davies.    (Maesteg)


 On inspection of our Flue liner Clearsoot chimney sweep discovered a Walkers crisp packet  with a use by date of May 2000, this was in 2011 so what had previous sweep been charging me for!  

   Julie.     ( Bridgend )


I decided to  open up an existing fireplace in preparation for a stove installation I called Clearsoot  chimney sweep to clean and inspect  the flue in preparation for a flue liner to be put in. The sweep was not straight forward as there was a mass of builders rubble and a birds nest in the flue!  3 hours later all was cleared and he looked at me smiling and said    " You can get your liner fitted now" He packed up all his gear and went to his next job.. A very professional attitude,  

     Bob.    ( Porthcawl ) 


Clearsoot chimney sweep shows great professionalism and has a very reasuring manner especially when faced with a real challenge he  refuses to be beaten or phased, he is a hardworking reliable guy, a plaesure to work  with.

     Rob Hudson     ( Blaenavon )  





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